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Life is too short to not enjoy every moment. Let me share my story on how I balance work, life and relationships that hopefully will inspire you and other women alike.

At times, women must prioritize what to do and when to do it. As you learn a bit about me, I hope you can identify what makes you the most happy. Sometimes life gets ahead of us, I am here to remind you to pay attention to your own needs. For many women, it is becoming more healthy, eating right, working out more, finding and embracing new hobbies, etc. Don't ever limit yourself to exploring new things. One of the lessons I hope to enlighten you on is to also not to take life too seriously.


Some of my favorite ways to say fit are Yoga ( Vinyasa ), Tennis, Co-Ed Softball league, Skiing in the Winter and Kickboxing rocks my world ( although I am finding a class that I like. )

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As the warm weather spawns in Vermont, I will be outside more often. Being a new homeowner, I am evaluating my property, planning which perennials to add and most importantly how to care for my cherry, plum, pear trees and grape vines. I will look to advice from all of you for assistance.

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